Area students enlightened by solar eclipse

FOURTH GRADERS at Reed-Custer School focus on the eclipse while wearing safety glasses on Monday.

The total solar eclipse was an especially blissful occasion for three teachers at Reed-Custer Elementary School. As the moon slowly phased across the sun, Jayme Miller (science), Deona Walsh (librarian) and Caitlyn Wilkerson (math), took advantage of this rare wonder of nature to teach students the fundamentals of science, the trajectory of solar travel and how to research the topic of solar eclipse
“All this past week I've been teaching age-appropriate information about the solar eclipse with students,” Miller said. “Today, as they witness it, they have some understanding of what they're seeing.”
The weather cooperated for the event, with temperatures near 70 degrees and the skies were sunny and nearly cloudless, as students gathered around the school to witness the rare event.
“I told the students that there wouldn't be another solar eclipse for 20 years and asked how old they'd be,” Miller said. “When I told them how old I'd be they laughed and wondered if I'd even be around to see it.”