Cast members ready for challenges of “Les Mis”

Jon Englert
Student reporter

      For the fifth installment of the Cast Chat, the spotlight is on  Ava Houston and Levi Counterman of Coal City High School’s production of “Les Miserables.”
    Counterman, a freshman at CCHS, has been cast as revolutionary leader Enjolras.
    Contrary to his friend Marius, Enjolras’ focus never wavers from the revolution. He is willing to die for his comrades and leads them passionately. Even with the odds stacked against him, Enjolras never backs down against the French authorities.
    Houston, a sixth grader at Coal City Middle School, will appear as Young Cosette.
    Her character is in the custody of the Thenardiers until Jean Valjean fulfills his promise to Fantine to rescue her. Young Cosette is raised in an abusive environment while her mother, Fantine, does her best to provide for her. On her deathbed, Fantine asks Jean Valjean to look after her daughter. Valjean bargains with the Thenardiers and takes Cosette away from the conniving innkeepers.
    Neither of these students are strangers to the stage. Counterman performed in Coal City Middle School’s 2016 show “The Lion King,” and Houston was cast in “Into the Woods” this past fall.
    Both students are thrilled to perform with this cast and are ready to take on the challenges that “Les Miserables” presents.  
    Houston is especially excited about partaking in rehearsals and meeting new people. Counterman mentions that “Les Miserables” is a different atmosphere than “The Lion King,” but he is still enjoying every minute of the process.
    On top of being a lead in the musical, Counterman is also balancing other activities such as basketball, soccer, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).             Even though his plate seems full, Counterman reminisces about playing soccer with his family.             Houston also reflects on her past and mentions that her favorite memory is when she walked into Disney World because “being there made me really happy and totally awestruck.”
    “Les Miserables” is sure to leave audiences just as amazed as Houston walking into Disney World. Show dates are March 8-11 at the Coal City Performing Arts Center, 655 W. Division St.
    Advanced reserved seat tickets are $8 per adult and $5 for children and senior citizens by visiting