Cromp in the spotlight for October


The Senior Spotlight winner for the month of October is Casey Cromp. Casey is the son of Dan and Regena Cromp.

During his time at Reed-Custer High School, Casey has been involved in concert band, jazz band, honors combo, pep band, marching band, Madrigal instrument ensemble, musical pit orchestra, speech team, Scholastic Bowl, math team, NHS, student council, WYSE team, RC Chatter, solo and ensemble, and Cabaret/Broadway Revue.

He was also a Class Officer, a Student of the Month, and the Drum Major.

Casey’s teachers said he’s been a joy to have in class, and in his extra-curricular endeavors.

Mrs. Bugg called Casey one of the most mature and talented students to go through RCHS.

Mrs. Leveille said Casey was an outstanding student in freshman honors biology.

“What impressed me the most about Casey was how polite he was and how willing he was to help others in our class,” Mrs. Leveille said. “He participated on the WYSE team for us last year and he does a great job with the RC Chatter this year. Quiet in class, but his positive attitude speaks loudly among others!”

Mrs. Dennis called Casey an outstanding leader in the classroom.

“He goes beyond what is expected, is a hard-worker, and is an all-around nice kid.  He’s talented, smart, and is a great role model for his peers,” Mrs. Dennis said.

Mrs. Rankin called Casey a great student and positive leader in the classroom.

“He is always the kid who will step up and take the lead when no one else wants to,” Mrs. Rankin said. “He’s bright, articulate, and fun to be around. He has a great future ahead of him!”

Mrs. Benoit said she appreciates that Casey always smiles, helps others as peer tutor, is eager to learn, is friendly, is organized, is focused, manages his time, and is a good listener.

Mrs. Johnston believes that Casey is a very responsible young man who leads quietly.

“He has grown a lot in high school from a shy little boy into a confident young man who is a great example for younger students,” Mrs. Johnston said. “Casey has a fantastic smile and he shares it to encourage others.”

Mrs. Valiente said Casey is one of the most intuitive, respectful, and caring students she has ever encountered.

“I have witnessed him go out of his way to help other students, I have watched him take time to self-reflect on ways to advance himself (both inside and outside the classroom), and I admire the grace with which he tackles his overwhelming workload,” Mrs. Valiente said.

Mr. Carrescia called Casey a wonderful young man who will go out of his way to help someone out with anything.

Ms. Askew called Casey an extremely hardworking, dedicated student that can brighten up any room he is in.

“He is a great role model for others with his work ethic and positive attitude,” Ms. Askew said.

Mrs. Elliott said Casey is a respectful student who is not afraid to ask questions and who takes responsibility for his educational goals.

Mrs. Almquist said she was glad to have Casey on the Scholastic Bowl team last year.

“He is a great kid! He showed his dedication to the team and I am looking forward to him being on the team this year,” Mrs. Almquist said.

Casey’s future plans are to attend a four-year university to study Music Education.

Casey’s advice to younger students: “Put your heart and soul into everything you truly care about-no matter what it is.”

On behalf of the teachers and staff at RCHS, congratulations Casey Cromp, the October winner of the Senior Spotlight.