Free meals for kids

Free meals will be available to students in the Unit 1 School District through the end of the calendar year.
Breakfast and lunch will be offered weekdays to kids in kindergarten through 12th grade through a waiver created by the United States Department of Agriculture [USDA].
Beginning this week the school district will offer free breakfast and lunch for all students on school days whether they qualify or not for free/reduced lunch.
The USDA has created a waiver allowing schools to offer free meals to students from Sept. 1 to Dec. 31. Meals charged prior to Sept. 14 will be refunded to the student’s meal account.
At this time it is uncertain if the waiver will extend beyond December and in the event it does not, meal service will return to normal and reduced/paid students will be charged for meals.
School officials report they do not normally offer breakfast to high school and middle school students, but the waiver allows breakfast for all grades until the end Dec. 31.
Pre-kindergarten students will also be offered a take- home lunch meal. The snack that was presently offered has been discontinued until the end of December.
Any remote learners interested in breakfast or lunch should fill out the Google form under lunch/nutrition tab on the district's website
This waiver does not mean all students will automatically receive a breakfast and lunch each school day. Breakfast is offered 15 minutes before the start of school at each building, students need to go to the cafeteria to get a meal.
Students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade will sign up for lunch meals with their teacher in the classroom daily. High School students can pick up lunch in the cafeteria or cafe cart located by the bus pickup area.
Questions should be directed to food service manager Erin Christopher at or Amanda Herrera-Ford at 815-634-2287.