Leopold in the Spotlight for January


The Reed-Custer High School Senior Spotlight winner for the month of January is Luke Leopold.

Luke is the son of Robert and Erin Boseo.

During his high school career, Luke has been involved in Basketball, RC Chatter, and National Honor Society. He was also a mentor for an RCMS student, a Student of the Month, and was the videographer for football, basketball, and volleyball games.

Luke’s teachers said he’s a hard worker who sets a good example for his peers.

Mrs. Dennis called Luke a model student.

“Luke is respectful, inquisitive, intelligent, and has a great sense of humor,” Mrs. Dennis said. “He is excited to learn new material and learn it to mastery.”

Mrs. Elliott called Luke  hardworking and conscientious student who is always willing to help others.

“He has a willingness to learn and is adaptable in any given situation,” Mrs. Elliott said.

Mr. Gleixner said Luke is an outstanding student who always has a positive attitude.

“He is a great example for younger students for what a Reed-Custer student is,” Mr. Gleixner noted.

Mr. Carrescia believes Luke is one of the hardest working students he has ever taught.

“He is nice to everyone and always tries to help others,” Mr. Carrescia said. “Luke is one of the nicest and most genuine students I have taught. He is an example of what every student should strive to be.”

Ms. Askew said she appreciates that Luke is such a wonderful, hardworking student.

“He goes out of his way to ask questions and make sure he understands what he is working on,” Ms. Askew said. “He is always willing to help a classmate that is struggling or wants help. Luke comes to class every day with a smile and a positive attitude!”

Mrs. Bugg said Luke puts forth his best effort everyday.

“Luke is one of the most caring, helpful kids I know,” Mrs. Bugg said. “He is always willing to go above and beyond. I expect great things from him in his future!”

Mrs. Gunier, a new teacher to RCHS, said even with limited contact, she knows Luke is special.

“I’ve had only one encounter with Luke for an interview he was doing for a project, and he was very personable with a great, friendly personality,” Mrs. Gunier said.

Mr. Voris said Luke is one of the most reliable students in the high school.

“I look forward to seeing him every day because he is someone I can always count on to do his best work for the Chatter Newscast in the Multimedia Journalism class,” Mr. Voris said. “He is also a big Star Wars fan, so he’s got that going for him, too!”

Mr. Anderson is thankful that Luke has devoted so much time to running the live feed for the High School Cube for countless sporting events.

Luke’s advice to younger students is, “No matter what you do, try your best and follow through with your goals. Always be open to change and be an optimist.”

Luke’s future plans are to attend JJC to complete prerequisites and determine a course of action, which potentially includes a career in astronomy.

On behalf of the teachers and staff at RCHS, congratulations to Luke Leopold, the January winner of the Senior Spotlight.

About Senior Spotlight
During the 2018-19 school year, Reed-Custer High School will recognize one outstanding senior each month in a program called “The Senior Spotlight.”
RCHS wants to recognize and honor seniors who represent the school and district in a positive light, who exemplify the values encouraged by the district, who work hard in and out of school, who are involved in various activities, and who are productive members of the school community.