Pinto in the Spotlight for February


The Reed-Custer High School Senior Spotlight winner for the month of February is Gianna Pinto.

Gianna is the daughter of Rosanna Romano-Baker and Vince Baker.

At RCHS, Gianna has been a member of the Girls Soccer Team and the RC Chatter. She also served as the Boys Soccer Manager, a Homework Depot tutor, a Student of the Month, and an ACE winner.

Gianna’s teachers called her a model student who always has time for others.

Mr. Gleixner called Gianna one of the friendliest and nicest students in the school.

“She is a great example of an outgoing student and someone that is always ready to help,” Mr. Gleixner said.

Ms. Askew said Gianna is a wonderful, hardworking student who never gives up.

“Gianna is always one of the first people to volunteer to help out and often goes out of her way to help others,” Ms. Askew said. “I was so impressed with what a great teammate she was last year when she decided to play soccer for the first time. She gave rides to underclassmen, stayed after to work on skills, and always had a positive attitude. Gianna’s work ethic will carry her far and will help her to be successful in whatever she chooses.”

Mr. Wolf called Gianna one of the kindest, most thoughtful students he has ever met.

“I know that she volunteers her time quite a bit and always lends a hand when asked,” Mr. Wolf said. “She is very deserving of this recognition.”

Mrs. Leveille said she was happy to have had the pleasure of having Gianna in her biology class the first year that she transferred to RCHS.

“She was extremely polite and, being a sophomore, was still willing to help any of the freshman in our class,” Mrs. Leveille. “She worked well with others in the class and is a great role model. She also participated in Argonne’s National Laboratory’s Women in Science and Technology Program that year!”

Mrs. Bugg said Gianna was always extremely helpful in class, volunteered to assist other students, and was incredibly polite and courteous to everyone.

Mrs. Patton said Gianna has” a wonderful positive attitude that is contagious to those around her.”

Mrs. Barber noted that the best word to describe Gianna is “genuine.”

“As a student, she is diligent, hard-working and focused on her goals,” Mrs. Barber. “She has also worked in the guidance office this school year and is very helpful. She is always willing to take on extra projects, and she goes the extra mile to help us out or help out another student. I have never seen Gianna become frazzled or frustrated- she always has a kind word or word of encouragement. She has great character which will take her far beyond her time in high school. I have very much enjoyed getting to know her.”

Mr. Voris said Gianna has a “contagious, positive attitude” and is well-liked by her peers.

“She is reliable and always delivers her best work,” Mr. Voris said. “Her recent contributions to the Curious Comets portion of the Chatter Newscast have been memorable and promise much more interesting segments this Spring.”

Gianna plans to attend Northern Illinois University and eventually earn a Doctorate’s Degree in Physical Therapy.

Her final thought to younger students: “Start off the semester right with good grades; it is easier to keep your grades up than trying to raise them. Also, try new things at school and look for scholarships early!”

On behalf of the teachers and staff at RCHS, congratulations Gianna Pinto, the February winner of the Senior Spotlight.

About Senior Spotlight
During the 2018-19 school year, Reed-Custer High School will recognize one outstanding senior each month in a program called “The Senior Spotlight.”
RCHS wants to recognize and honor seniors who represent the school and district in a positive light, who exemplify the values encouraged by the district, who work hard in and out of school, who are involved in various activities, and who are productive members of the school community.