Testing your Braidwood history knowledge

Sandy Vasko

    So you think school is out? Not just yet. There is one more test to take.
    Answer one to three right - you aren't reading enough or haven't been reading this column long enough.
    Answer four to six right - you have a decent memory or are a good guesser.
    Answer seven to nine right - you are a real history buff or have lived in the area your whole life.
    Answer 10 right - you probably cheated.
    1. How many train depots has Braidwood had?
    a. 1
    b. 2
    c. 3
    d. 4
    2. What was the Music Hall known for?
    a. vaudeville shows
    b. a roller skating rink
    c. banquet hall
    d. all off the above
    3. The Diamond mine disaster was caused by
    a. a flood
    b. a gas explosion
    c. a shaft collapse
    d. a coal fire
    4. Braceville was incorporated in
    a. 1855
    b. 1865
    c. 1870
    d. 1880
    5. M. J. Donna, author of the book “The Braidwood Story” also did what?
    a. was mayor of Braidwood
    b. was secretary of the National Macaroni Manufacturers Association
    c. owned a rabbit farm
    d. all of the above
    6. Which man-made structure came about because of the Diamond Mine Disaster?
    a.The slag heaps and hills
    b. The Claypool Drainage Ditch
    c. The Braidwood depot
    d. Coal City Road
    7. In the 1880's the following contests were illegal so were held outside the Will County line
    a. horse racing
    b. foot racing
    c. boxing matches
    d. spitting contests
    8. Which of the following nationalities or ethnic groups were not found in Braidwood?
    a. Welsh
    b. Belgian
    c. Chinese
    d. African Americans
    9. Which township used to be a part of Reed Township?
    a. Custer
    b. Wilmington
    c. Wesley
    d. Braceville
    10. Braidwood was named by which man?
    a. John Daniels, a Wilmington banker
    b. John McLaughlin, an early miner
    c. James Braidwood, the first man to sink a coal shaft
    d. Alex Patterson, one of the first settlers
    1. c           6. b
    2. d          7. c
    3. a           8. c
    4. d          9. a
    5. d        10. a