The best touchdown of the night was for the opposition

The fresh-soph Wildcats scored eight touchdowns Friday night but the most memorable one of the game was one scored by Herscher.
It came late during a 53-12 victory for Wilmington when both sides of the field agreed to give the ball to Hayden “Buck” Buckner.
Buck is a special player, one of those kids who shows up at every practice, plays the game with more heart than most, yet rarely gets game time, said Herscher head coach Mike Mosier who had left the field to prepare his varsity team. He returned just in time to see the end of the play.
“I didn’t know it was about to happen,” Mosier said. “But I saw Buck’s reaction, his teammates at his side and the crowd on both sides cheering. It was one of those moments that makes you love high school football.”
Mosier said Buck’s mentor buddy, Herscher fresh-soph quarterback Tommy Jones, had somehow arranged for the play. The Tigers were going to substitute Buck into the running back position for one play, hand him the ball and let him run it into the end zone.
Wilmington players cooperated by stepping aside as Buck, with a grin as wide as football, hustled into the end zone. When he got there his teammates were there to celebrate, congratulating Buck on his only score of the season.
“We appreciate the sportsmanship we always get at Wilmington. Coach Jeff Reents and his staff run a classy program and you can bet that Buck will remember scoring that touchdown, against a state championship program, for the rest of his life.”
There was no harm in it for Wilmington as the young ‘Cats had already taken care of business. They kept the visitors grounded with three interceptions including a 30-yard interception return by Hunter Osipavicius. Also intercepting passes were Billy Moore and Decklan Proffitt.
Osipavicius led the Wilmington offense with six carries for 168 yards including four touchdown. Ryan Kettman ran the ball only twice but both times they were for touchdowns as he ended up with 112 total yards.
Wildcat rushers included Joey Van Duyne who had two attempts for 15 yards, Kurtis Brassard with 25 in three attempts and Jay Nevels, one 10-yard run.
Wilmington QB Lucas Rink threw the ball only once but made it count as he connected with Van Duyne for a 27-yards touchdown.
The Wildcat defensive was led by and Joey Van Duyne who finished with three tackles each.
The JV ‘Cats remain undefeated at 5-0. They will travel to Reed-Custer Friday.