'Dancing through the Decades' the theme as Reed-Custer says Welcome Home

READY FOR HOMECOMING! The members of the RCHS Student Council have planned a week’s worth of activities for Homecoming Week, which kicks off on Sunday, Sept. 11. Student Council members include )from left) Tyler Wiyninger, Eden Przybylski, Abby Sunday, Macey Valone, Jaina Dubbert, Danny Kuban, Maria Bragg, Ava Van Duyne, Micah Crisp, Alice Gruber, Paisley Hoffman, Alexis Wiyninger, Olivia Allen. Not Pictured: Mara Hudson, Gwendolynn Stewart, Miley Morris, Mark Martinez, and Jaida Davis. Photo provided.

Marney Simon

School has only been back in session for a few weeks. But, the time has already come to welcome back Reed-Custer alums, with Homecoming Week kicking off on Sunday, Sept. 11.

Homecoming 2022 takes the theme of “Dancing through the Decades.” The theme week includes activities, sports, spirit days, and culminates with the annual Homecoming Dance on Sept. 17.

RCHS students said Homecoming is more than just your typical fall rite of passage. As things slowly get back to normal after the pandemic, celebrating a full homecoming week has taken on new meaning.

“It’s nice being back to normal because now we can do fun games that involves our friends near us like tug of war. And I’m looking forward to more school assemblies,” said Mara Hudson

“Being back to normal means that we can interact with each other more than we could before, bringing us closer together, both as classes and as a whole school,” added Maria Bragg. “I’m excited to have my first ‘normal’ homecoming, and to have lots of fun with everyone, without having to worry about social distancing. It’s going to be a really great experience and a fun week for everyone!”

“I'm super excited to be back to normal for this school year,” said Alice Gruber. “I like that I'm able to officially plan a homecoming week and not have to worry about it being canceled due to covid problems. I'm elated to be able to do games like the class pyramid and the truck push because they're a staple of homecoming week.”

The students added that the return to normalcy isn’t just good for Homecoming memories, but for the school year as a whole.

“Being back to normal is so exciting because it means that we might get to experience an actual year of exciting and fun High School,” said Ava VanDuyne. “So many times High School is romanticized in movies and TV shows, and this year we finally get to make it ours, the High school we’ve all dreamed about! I’m excited that we finally get to play some of the wild homecoming games upperclassman have always talked about! This year’s homecoming is definitely going to be one for the books!”

“I’m so happy that we are back to normal for a little bit back then we thought that quarantine was going to be the new normal, but we pushed though the quarantine,” said Mark Martinez. “I’m glad that I get experience the joy of high school and make memories that I will remember for years.”

“I’m very glad to have my first year of high school back to normal,” Miley Morris added. I” cannot wait for homecoming which opens up a new world for newer people. With games and chances to have a regular school year puts me in a better mood to push myself to do the most that I can to make the best life!”

This year’s events include the following:

• Sunday, Sept. 11 — Lip Sync Battle at 6 p.m. at the RCHS Auditorium ($1 Admission, paid to the class attendees want to win)
• Monday, Sept. 12 — Pajama or Sports/College theme (anything but a backpack). Students will be counted for attendance at the Boys soccer game vs. Beecher
• Tuesday, Sept. 13 — Adam Sandler or Monochromatic Colors. Students will be counted for attendance at the volleyball game vs. Wilmington.
• Wednesday, Sept. 14 — Decades or Twin. Homecoming events include Volleyball game, Powderpuff game, Coronation, and the annual bonfire at RCHS.
• Thursday, Sept. 15 — Class Color Day.
• Friday, Sept. 16 — Black and Gold Day. The Homecoming Parade kicks off at 2 p.m., followed by the Homecoming Football game versus Manteno at 7 p.m.
• Saturday, Sept. 17 — Homecoming Dance at 7 p.m. at RCHS

For the students of RCHS, the events are set to create life long memories.

“I’m excited to be back to normal for the 2022-23 school year because we’ll finally get to experience a ‘normal’ homecoming. Our dance will be fun and we will have more opportunities and freedoms when deciding and planning our games because we don’t have to worry about social distancing rules,” said Macey Valone. “I’m hoping to have more all school assemblies, and all around a great year!”

“I’m looking forward for the new school year and homecoming dance, especially as a freshman!” said Gwendolynn Stewart. “I feel like the dances are apart of the high school culture and I can’t wait to be apart of it. I’m excited that restrictions have gone down so we can interact and have that normalcy of every day life back!”