Esparza in the Reed-Custer Senior Spotlight for April

The Reed-Custer High School Senior Spotlight winner for the month of April is Connor Esparza.

Connor is the son of Matthew and Amanda Esparza. During his high school career, Connor was involved in Football, Basketball, and Baseball. He named to both the All-Conference and Academic All-Conference teams in Baseball. He was also on the High Honor Roll and was a volunteer coach for RCMS Baseball.

His future plans are to attend JJC and work towards an Associate’s Degree in Engineering.

Here are a few thoughts from Connor’s teachers:

Mrs. Cann appreciates that Connor “has been a joy to have here at RCHS. He always has a smile on his face. Connor is respectful to his teachers, peers, and teammates. He has a bright future ahead of him, and I know he will have success in all future endeavors.”

Mrs. Leveille remembers that Connor was “in my ‘Covid’ class, and a few things do stand out: Connor was eager and put a lot of effort into learning and trying to do his best. He was polite, friendly and his sense of humor made others smile.”

Mrs. Terry says that Connor is a “dedicated worker who always wants to do his best. He is a pleasure to have in the classroom and is always smiling!”

Mr. Johnston thinks that Connor is “an extremely competitive athlete and a great student. He shows a wide variety of talents and is well respected by his peers. Connor also is a great leader and can always be counted on to do the right thing even when others are not.”

Mrs. Arseneau says that even though “I haven’t taught Connor since he was a sophomore, he has remained a student I enjoy talking to and seeing around RCHS. There is something that sets Connor apart from his peers. It is simple, but so powerful, and rare these days. He maintains positive relationships through simple, yet meaningful interactions. Although I haven’t had him in class in several years, when I see him in passing, he will always smile, greet me and asks me how I’m doing. It’s so refreshing! He’s a polite, bright, hard-working student. I am confident he will go far in his life after Reed-Custer, and I wish him all the best!”

Mrs. Rankin appreciates that Connor “always has a positive attitude and holds himself to a high standard. His enthusiasm and ability to get along with everyone helps make him a positive leader in the classroom.”

Mr. Newsom believes that Connor “is a great young man, personable, likable, always with a smile, always willing to work hard in class and do what he needs to do, and do it well.”

Mrs. Dennis says that Connor is a “self-starter and is highly motivated. He’s a hard-worker and is always kind and respectful.”

Mrs. Redwitz acknowledges that Connor is “a great young adult. He is always laughing and can make a joke out of anything. He is intelligent and follows through on things that he is asked to do. Connor was chosen to meet and have lunch with our new students earlier this year, and he did a great job welcoming them to Reed-Custer.”

Mrs. Lee thinks that Connor is “a great student and an even better person! He always has a smile on his face and goes out of his way to welcome others. Connor has a great work ethic and really challenges himself to succeed.”

As a final thought, Connor’s advice to younger students is, “Do your work and try your very best in everything you do. Enjoy high school because you only get one shot at it, and it’s over in the blink of an eye.”

On behalf of the teachers and staff at RCHS, congratulations to Connor Esparza as the April winner of the Senior Spotlight.