Mail in ballots change outcome of township race


Results of the consolidated election are final, and show that Mike Lareau will continue to serve as a Braceville Township trustee.
Lareau was down two votes on election night, three were needed to put him ahead of fellow trustee Mike Campbell who at that point was in the fourth spot. The tally posted that night included all ballots cast in-person, as well as early votes prior to election day.
It was the mail-in votes, postmarked by election day, that came into the courthouse that put Lareau back on the township board of another four years. The 10 additional votes he received put him in the fourth trustee spot edging out Campbell who received a total of 175 votes compared to Lareau’s 180 votes.
Lareau will serve alongside incumbent Mark Wills [217 votes] and newcomers Lenny Onsen [215 votes] and Mark Jiskra [207 votes]. Doug Boresi continues as township supervisor, Penny Wills as clerk and highway commissioner remains Greg Hodgen.
There were no other changes in victors that came as a result of the canvas held Wednesday, April 21, although there were some changes in total vote counts.
Now that the county clerk has certified the results of the election, the new board’s will begin to take shape and among the first locally to reorganize is the Unit 1 Board of Education.
At a special meeting this Wednesday, April 28, the board will welcome new member Steve Rogers who will take the oath of office along with incumbents Mary Gill and Shawn Hamilton who were re-elected for another four years. The board will nominate and vote on officers—president, vice president and secretary—for the next two years.
Municipal boards will begin their new terms starting next month.
The final vote totals in all Grundy County races can be viewed on the Grundy County website at