School fee increase limited to books

Pam Monson

    Registration for the 2017-2018 school year will cost parents an extra fin for books. The increase is a standard that was instituted in School District 209-U four years ago.
    The Board of Education approved a $5 increase in textbook rental fees during its Wednesday, March 8 meeting. While the board had been approving an across-the-board increase each year, only book fees increased this year. Fees for extra classes in middle school, such as shop, art, and science are not going to be increased this year as they have been in the past.
    The school fees for the 2017-2018 school year are as follows:
    • Preschool - $50
    • Grades K-5 - $105
    • Middle School - $105
    • MS Art - $16
    • MS Industrial Arts - $26
    • MS Science - $16
    • High School (books, technology, insurance and activity pass) - $230
    Other fees include $20 each for middle school band and chorus, or $35 for both; $25 for cap and gown; $200 for driver’s education; $20 for driver’s education permit fee; $50 for parking; $25 late fee for students fees paid after Aug. 2, 2017. These fees were not increased
    Yearbooks, gym uniforms, field trips and special projects or activities will also carry their own fees.
    Parents can register their students online at Go to the “Parents” tab and click online registration from the drop-down menu.
    In other business before the board during the Wednesday, March 8 regular meeting:
    • Business manager Ellen Wandless reported that the state of Illinois currently owes the district $759,009. At this time last year, the state owed District 209-U a little less than $188,000. All fiscal year 2016 vouchers have been paid, but the state has made no payments on 25 fiscal year 2017 vouchers for transportation, special education, the pre-kindergarten grant and general state aid.
    • The board approved proclamations honoring many of the high school cheerleaders, wrestlers and coaches for state-level competition:
    Kassidy Andrews, Alec Beasley and Claire Springer — participation in the ICCA all-state and I-8 all-conference cheer competitions.
    Robert Shields — 4th place at 145 pounds, 49 wins in the 2016-17 season, tying the most wins in school history for a season, second time state qualifier;
    Nick Pretto — 6th place at 152 pounds, three-time state qualifier;
    James Cox — two-time state qualifier
    Coaches Rob Murphy, Mark Shell, Jake Murphy, Tom Fritz, Ed Van Duyne and Roy Strong — for coaching the team to tie the WHS school record for wins set in 2013 for a season at 32-4, and for coaching the dual team that finished second in the state;
    Team members Tyler Rock, Ryan Shields, Corbin Hunt, Chris Faris, Clayton Van Duyne, Matt Nutt, Anthony Nunley, Landon Flynn, Erik Ambrose, Cameron Bergman, Blaine Shirey, Robert Shields, Nick Pretto, Jarin Allen, Mason Van Duyne, Joey Mendoza, Caleb Gougis, James Cox, Jesse Cox, Sam Jones and Josh Jones — for tying the WHS school record for wins set in 2013 for a season at 32-4, and for finishing second in state.
    • The board agreed to sell a 1996 dodge van with 180,000 miles on it that the district no longer needs.
    • Dr. Matt Swick, superintendent, reported he would be updating the district’s acceptable use guidelines to allow the use of Instagram, as at least one teacher has found a way to use it as an educational resource.
    • The board approved the purchase of two lots for future building trades class lots, which were appraised for $30,000 each. The district will pay $30,000 for 923 Winchester Green Drive and $35,000 for 863 Winchester Green Drive. Although the latter was more than the appraised price, the board members felt there would be no risk in the purchase, the lot would retain its value if not increase in value.
    • The board accepted the resignation of Sara Doogan, WHS food service server, and reassigned Casey Drown from third grade teacher at Stevens Intermediate School to an SIS and Bruning School physical education teacher during the 2017-18 school year.
    • Larry Macari was engaged as the district office consultant.
    • The board approved a resolution authorizing dismissal notices for support staff, including teacher aides and pre-kindergarten parent coordinators, including Madonna Czemske, Jennifer Mietzner, Janine Momper, Jennifer Swisher, Margaret Wilburn, Brittany Allen, Ginger Wuchter, Kim Mancuso, Kelly Thomas, Tricia Knowles, Kim Adermann and Tommie Dyer.
    • The board approved a resolution authorizing a notice of non-renewal of teaching contracts for part-time and first, second and third year teachers Susan Utz, Kristin Van Duyne, Matthew Lafond and Tricia Knowles.
    • The board potentially employed part-time and probationary teachers as well as those due to become tenured for the 2017-18 school year. Part-time: Matthew Lafond — second year probation: Kristin Van Duyne at Bruning; Casey Crawford, Kaley Wakey and Tricia Knowles at SIS; Laura Kuczkowski at the middle school and Alanna Frederiksen, Tom Fritz, Travis Ivanoff, Amy Maupin, Warren Miller and Drew Tyler at the high school — third year probation: Kate Welsh at WMS and Joe Snyder and Jody Vollmer at WHS — fourth year probation: Susan Utz at Bruning School; Sarah Horton, Katie Long, Michelle Mandac and Kelly Dinkins at SIS and Mike Bushnell, Eric Dillon, Mark Langusch and Nola Mata at WHS. Teachers due to go on tenure next school year are Bill Adelmann, David Blackburn and Danelle Morrison, all high school teachers.