Strong takes back mayor's seat-fire referendum passes

Pam Monson

Preliminary vote totals

    Preliiminary results for the Tuesday, April 4 Consolidated Election, as reported by Will County Clerk Nancy Schultz Voots, includes vote by mail and early voting ballots. Election results will not be official until Tuesday, April 25 when provisional and grace period ballots are counted.
    As of election night, Will County had 419,882 registered voters, who cast 75,039 ballots. Voter turnout was 17.87 percent.

City of Wilmington
    Larry Hall    215
    Marty Orr    519
    Roy Strong    541
    Darla Neises    156

Alderman, First Ward
    John Persic Jr.    257

Slderman, Second Ward
    Kirby Hall    276

Alderman, Third Ward
    Lisa Butler    329

Alderman, Fourth Ward
    Frank Studer    262

Wilmington Township
    Jerry Stewart    1,058

    Lyn Allot    728
    John Cairns Jr.    590

Highway commissioner
    Bill Weidling    1,171

Trustee (Four will be elected)
    Robert “Bob” Neises    425
    Ryan Jeffries    623
    Sherri Michaels    536
    Sue Craig    669
    Joanne Fitzpatrick    614
    John Cairns Sr.    545
    Gary L. Van Duyne    838

Florence Township
    William Quigley    167

    William Long    167

Highway Commissioner
    Patrick Quigley    163

Trustee (four will be elected)
    Louis Rodawold    126
    John Seibert    129
    Paul Quigley    131
    Dale Beeson    110

Wesley Township
    Mary Jones    163
    JoAnn Quigley    236

    Shelly Parsley    260
    Sarah Norton    141

Highway Commissioner
    Travis Parsley    285
    John Norton    127

Trustee (Four will be elected)
    James Spinale    192
    Richard L. Welchko Jr.    195
    Kathleen Kennedy    225
    Matt Smolenski    154
    William Strawson    213
    John C. Smith    215

Island Park District
Commissioner (Two will be elected)
    Paul “Dave” Melhorn    639
    George Randy Hill    453
    Michael Russi    409
    Kevin Ptacek    582

Wilmington Public Library District
Trustee (Four will be elected)
    Pam Clennon    1,251
    Mary Smith    1,143
    Rebecca Quigley    1,360

School District 209-U Board of Education
(Four will be elected. Based on the current makeup of the board, only two Wilmington Township candidates can be elected.)
    Thomas Burnes, Wilmington Township    972
    Timothy Cragg , Wilmington Township    1,092
    Peggy Kunz, Wilmington Township    1,149
    Ken Kulpa, Wilmington Township    763
    Erin Moran, Florence Township    851
    Stephanie Southall, Wesley Township    1,095

Wilmington Fire Protection District referendum
    Yes    1,220
    No    753