WHS urging acts of kindness for more than one week

Bridget Knowles
WHS Student Reporter

WHS has recently celebrated Amy’s Corner week and Counselor week, which are both full of kindness.

Guidance Counselor Brenda Craig-Cherveny and WHS Librarian Karen Turner didn’t want this kindness to just last for one week. Craig-Cherveny saw the idea to start a kindness chain, and Turner took on the project.

Turner and the school’s library partnered with SOWIC students to cut pieces of paper and decorate envelopes for the kindness links. Students at WHS can take a piece of paper and write down a random act of kindness that they have seen or done around the school.

Once the pieces of paper have been collected, the SOWIC students will turn them into a paper chain. The goal is to have the chain go around the entire building, wrapping the school in kindness.

“Students don’t realize that an act of kindness doesn’t have to be this eye- awakening event, but something simply to help others,” commented Ms. Turner.

After experiencing a pandemic, some students and teachers are becoming more kind and supportive. Teachers are being more understanding when it comes to grades and homework. Most teachers understand that covid is causing a lot of stress on students, and are doing their best to help students.

Mrs. Mata, the Spanish teacher at WHS said, “Covid has forced me to adjust my expectations and I have been more forgiving with late assignments. I have also tried to encourage students to take better care of themselves.”

There are many different ways to spread kindness to the people around you. Here are 15 kind things that you can do for the people around you.

• Give a compliment
• Hold the door for the person behind you
• Post positive notes around your community
• Write a positive review for a local business
• Let someone go in front of you in line
• Smile at a stranger
• Pick up trash
• Make someone laugh
• Write a thank you note
• Bake dessert for a neighbor
• Call a friend you haven’t seen in a while to say hello
• Wave at someone
• Return someone else’s cart at the grocery store
• Let a friend borrow your favorite book or movie
• Send an encouraging text to a friend

These ideas can be done by WHS students to be written on a kindness link. They can also be done by any member of the community to spread kindness during this pandemic.