Braidwood Fire celebrates lives saved in 2023

PRESENT FOR THE CELEBRATION honoring the efforts that saved the life of RosaLee Wicks in October are (from left) Tonya Cavanaugh, Brandon Saunoris, Mrs. Wicks, Felicia Ehringer, and Kylie Clement. Photos by Lucid Rose Photography.

QUICK ACTION SAVED the life of longtime Braidwood resident Ed Scasny in July 2023. Present at a celebration in December are (from left) BFPD Chief Christopher Jude, Mike Tenerelli, Chris Hinchliffe, Mr. Scasny, Alexa Kubinski, David Tatroe, Austin Plumley, and Andrew Olchawa.


There are some amazing events in the EMS/fire protection world that capture exactly why those first responders live for their profession.

And one of those is for those first responders to save someone’s life, then see that person standing in front of them knowing that the hard work and dedication of firefighers and EMS mean they are still able to spend their lives with family and friends.

For the Braidwood Fire Protection District, such life saving efforts happened not just once, but three times in 2023.

The first resulted in a livesaving celebration held in May for Jeff Hartman, who was saved following a cardiac arrest thanks to the quick action of his wife barb and daughter Addison and the arrival to his home within minutes of BFPD personnel.

On Dec. 12, the district was able to hold two additional celebrations for local residents where the skill and dedication Braidwood fire personnel helped save their lives.

On July 30, a family member of Ed Scasny was with Mr. Scasny at his home when he heard a crash and called 911.

Because of the speed in dialing 911, the BFPD was able to respond quickly to the scene. Upon their arrival Mr. Scasny did not have a pulse and was not breathing.

But because of the quick treatment and stabilization of Mr. Scasny he arrived at the hospital with a pulse.

After extensive treatment and recovery, he and his family were able to join in the celebration in December.

Then on Oct. 6, BFPD said a Mr. Wicks pulled his car into the apron of the fire department.

When personnel went to his aid, they found his wife Mrs. Wicks unresponsive and not breathing in their car.

Due to the quick lifesaving actions of the Braidwood Fire Protection District members Mrs. Wicks was stabilized and transported to the hospital.

Upon their arrival and transfer of care she had a pulse.

After her recovery she and her family were able to join in the celebration last month.