City, police get new timecard software

Marney Simon
Staff writer

The city of Braidwood will invest thousands of dollars in some new software, in an effort to streamline the process for employees to clock in and get paid.

On Sept. 12, members of the City Council approved a contract with inTime Solutions for timekeeping software, to be utilized at the Braidwood Police Department and City Hall.

“This isn’t just for the police department, this is for the whole city hall,” said Public Health and Safety Commissioner Eric Tessler, who made the motion approving the expense earlier this month.

The contract will cost the city $23,730 for the first year, and an additional $9,180 each year after.

City officials said they’ve had an eye out for similar timekeeping programs for the past several years. The inTime proposal is specifically designed for law enforcement but can be integrated with payroll software for the rest of the city employees. That integration will reduce the chance for errors.

“What this will do, it will allow us to biometrically read everybody’s thumb print for our time keeping software,” explained Tari Atherton, clerk for the police department. “It will do alerts, so say the guys put in for time off, it will automatically put in for that time from their bank. Through email, the sergeants can approve it or disapprove it. It will change it on the schedule.”

The new software allows supervisors to build, maintain, and control complex schedules, such as those run by police departments. The software can also provide time and attendance tracking, as well as manage overtime and court and subpoena services.

“Our current system is not functioning,” said Police Chief Nick Ficarello. “Our card system was not a complete system. We’ve done extensive research, there are more than 300 police department that use this system throughout the United States.”

Ficarello said the department needed the timekeeping software due to the nature of scheduling in an operation like a police department, where there are no days off or down time.

“The police department is the most complicated because we’re a 24/7 operation,” Ficarello said. “… Once its integrated, we can use it and customize it for the entire city.”

The software includes standard reports and an audit trail, timesheet verification, critical support, and unlimited helpdesk support.

The contract also includes five hours of training for Braidwood staff.

The agreement did not include an expiration date.